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Restoration/Adaptive Reuse

Service Overview

Old buildings are a source of inspiration for our work, whether they be meticulously preserved or re-imagined for new uses.

Our approach with the adaptive reuse of old buildings is to determine what building elements can be preserved, and which can give way to new, contextually-sensitive design ideas and technologies that might result in a more useful, better-performing building. In this way, we see these buildings providing evidence of layers of history, each layer contributing its best qualities to our future use and enjoyment.

On more historically prominent restoration and preservation projects, we look at the way in which the existing building fabric contributes to an understanding of its past, including how it presents the ideas of those who designed, built, and inhabited it over time. Rather than simply returning a building back to a specific time period for the purposes of a nostalgic ideal, we try to also understand the present and future uses of the building, and – to the degree possible – guide the restoration and repair of the building to advance these contemporary needs.

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