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Service Overview

We work closely with developers to optimize site layout solutions, while also providing the ingredients for vibrant communities and thriving commerce centers.

Creating long-term value for a new development requires a close attention to the characteristics of the development site, the surrounding community, and nearby natural features. A deep inquiry into the context of the site drives our site analysis and informs planning decisions.

Likewise, solving vehicular circulation, parking, and pedestrian movement throughout a site is key to a project’s success. In the right circumstances, encouraging the close proximity of inhabitants and visitors to certain locations within a project can create a dynamic, walkable, urban character that can attract people to return to a place time and time again.

In addition to standard planning services, we can also work closely with the development team to provide information to help determine optimal site-fit layouts during the property acquisition phase, design various scenarios for comparative option analyses, and assist through the entitlement process. At times we’re called upon to represent the project to a neighborhood or community, which often can be a key factor in the success of a project.

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