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Service Overview

Service Overview

Early in our design practice, live/work spaces and Montessori schools were core areas of focus for our work. These early projects were very often co-created with highly creative people, including a widely-published Texas author, several prominent New York-based artists, and a number of visionary school leaders. Though we’ve branched out to other building types since then, each individual project continues to be pursued with the same spirit of invention and collaboration with our clients.

Residential: Houses are not only shelters for their inhabitants, but also are catalysts for their ideas and aspirations. From custom residences and creative lofts to townhouses and multi-family housing developments, we endeavor to employ design strategies such as stripping away unnecessary decoration, using spaces for overlapping functions, bringing natural light deep into the interior spaces, and imposing less of a footprint on the environment as possible.

Cultural/Educational: Our institutional clients come to us with clearly defined missions and values, with unique opportunities for growth as the result of their new building projects. New buildings are opportunities to express an organization’s identity and connect more closely with the communities they serve. We’re proud to serve these organizations as they develop and grow.

Commercial/Retail: Even when profitability is a core driver, we find that a project can also be transformational to a community, helping stitch together the walkability of a street, for example, or providing new services to an under-served neighborhood. Mixed-use projects on urban infill sites are a goal of our practice as we grow our portfolio.

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